WELCOME! Crivitz Rescue responds to the emergency medical needs of the Crivitz-area with two Advanced EMT level ambulances staffed by dedicated volunteers. This site is designed to inform the public about our organization and how we operate as well as keep our members up-to-date with agency events.

What's exciting

New Defibrillators

We have upgraded our previous LifePak 12s to LifePak 15 bringing our community the latest in pre-hospital cardiac monitoring. New monitors/AEDs are more rugged, offer longer battery life, 12-lead EKG, and end-tidal CO2 monitoring. Thank you for the continued support that allows us to keep our equipment up-to-date.

New Ambulance Cots

Thanks to the support of our community through events like "Ride For Rescue," we were recently able to purchase two new Stryker cots.  While cots are often overlooked, they are used by nearly every patient!  These cots replace our previous Stryker cots which served us for over a decade.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide prompt, high-quality, and around-the-clock emergency medical care to the Crivitz-area community.